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Complete Care is an urgent care provider with dozens of locations in Colorado and Texas. The practice believes in outstanding patient service and exceptional treatments without a long wait.

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Complete Care is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, and cannot do this without insights from patient feedback. Although patients were usually very happy with their visits, very few were leaving reviews online. This not only made it difficult for Complete Care to know what needed improvement, it also made it hard for prospective patients to find the clinics in search results. On track to nearly double their locations in 2 years, it was critical that Complete Care find a way to collect more patient reviews so each new practice could acquire patients and keep them.

“I don’t have to go to each individual review platform for all 25 locations -- I can do it all from Birdeye. The platform is really getting our presence out there. It definitely gives us a leg-up on the competition.” 

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Service Excellence Coach at Complete Care

“We definitely tried other options,” said Kelly Palms, Director of Business Development at Complete Care. “We offered incentives to patients to leave reviews, sent emails manually, asked them in the facility, we tried every avenue that wasn’t working. You name it, we tried it.” 

These approaches had not been effective because the staff at Complete Care was extremely busy tending to patients and could not afford the time to follow up with each patient at the right time and ask for a review. The company needed an automated solution that would allow them to contact every patient at every location-- without any extra work. This is what led Complete Care to Birdeye.

Automated high-volume review generation campaigns

With Birdeye, Complete Care set up automated drip campaigns that sent out more than 200 review requests across its 25 locations every 48 hours. Their 24K+ emails and 35K+ SMS requests both yielded impressive conversion rates of 17% and 12% respectively.

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Birdeye lets Complete Care monitor all their reviews from all sites in one place and respond directly to any review right from the Birdeye dashboard. They use Birdeye as part of their company complaint process. If there’s a complaint against a specific doctor, Palms alerts the medical director of the facility who will review the complaint and figure out best course of action. As policy, management has 48 hours to respond.

“The platform allows us to interact with patients directly,” said Palms. “We try to respond to both negative and positive reviews. For the negative, we can quickly make a wrong right and help our clinical staff improve. For the positive, we encourage our staff by sharing patients’ praise.”

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To understand what drives reviews and ratings, Complete Care can dive beneath mountains of unstructured patient feedback with Birdeye’s insights to identify trending positive and negative themes at both an organization and location level.

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“Birdeye’s really allowed us to get a good sense of where the pulse is,” said Palms. “We can do quality control and see where we’re thriving and where maybe we’ve fallen short,” said Palms.

Birdeye also built each Complete Care location its own custom review microsite displaying the location’s reviews from all sites, up-to-date practice information, and even the option to book an appointment. The fresh stream of new reviews and accurate local listings bring these microsites to the top of search results.

“If you Google ‘Complete Care’ we show up under Birdeye. It gives us another avenue to be found,” said Jamey Stegall, Service Excellence Coach at Complete Care.

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Higher ratings, increased traffic, more new patients

After 2 years with Birdeye’s automated review requests, Complete Care generated 39x more Google reviews and 14x more reviews overall, increasing their overall rating by .6 stars.

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Now, each Complete Care location has a steady flow of new patients, most of whom mention that they came in because of all the good reviews they saw online.

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